Home Furnishings Factoring

A report in Home Furnishings Business indicates that furniture manufacturers are the latest business segment gain access to industry specific receivables factoring opportunities. The publication announced that Eagle Capital has designed an invoice factoring program that will allow furniture manufacturers to receive advanced payment on invoices issued for processed orders. Typically these invoices would not […]

Receivables Factoring With Class (and Some Punch)

Shame on me! I haven’t posted in way too long. I’m sure that I have been missed terribly by the visitor that may have accidentally stumbled upon this blog while looking for information about factoring polynomials or some such unrelated topic. Anyway, true to my catty and petty self, I came across a blog post […]

IFG Ranks Pekao Faktoring #1 in Region

At the recent annual meeting of the International Factors Group (IFG), the Polish company Pekao Faktoring was named as the #1 factoring company in the region. The IFG meeting was held in St. Petersburg (Russia, that is) in October. Of course, the company was thrilled with their recognition and the president,  Mirosław Jakowiecki, declared, “I am […]

Survey Presented In Brit-speak Shows Invoice Factoring Gaining Favour.

Whenever I have the urge to plunge into the murky world of finance and reveal to myself how very much I don’t understand, I track down an article or press release from the UK. Oh, those British! They really know how to turn a phrase. As I was reviewing the intriguingly titled “Epitaph for the […]

CIT Cash Flow Jeapordized by Pending Banruptcy. Impact on Factoring Clients Uncertain.

We hear a lot these days about companies that are too big to fail. Appears that CIT is not too big to fail but is too big to go into bankruptcy without causing a lot of chaos for its factoring clients. (Image courtesy of European Pressphoto Agency) According to an article in the Wall Street […]

Factoring Behemoth CIT Receives Bailout From Icahn

Heavyweight investor Carl Icahn has offered to provide a loan of up to $6 billion to ailing receivables factoring giant CIT. Icahn is a bondholder of CIT and is not in favor of the restructuring plan proposed by CIT and is countering the proposals of the lender with a restructuring plan of his own. Icahn […]

Real Estate Factoring South of the Border

In a press release issued today, Homex, one of Mexico’s leading home builders, announced their satisfaction with FOVISSSTE, a Mexican mortgage company, for implementing a factoring program with Mexico’s National Development Bank. The CFO of Homex stated that the factoring initiative “will help us realize important efficiencies in our collection process.” Now I’m not quite […]

Factoring Clients See Conflict in Morgan Stanley’s Dealings With CIT

As if things weren’t murky enough on Wall Street right now the relationship between Morgan Stanley and CIT has just made things even murkier for factoring clients of CIT. (“Murky” is a great word isn’t it. “Murkier” is even better.) Apparently, Morgan Stanley is advising CIT in its restructuring and one of the strategies is […]

The Competition for Receivables Financing Heats Up

Shame on me! I don’t know how I missed this but an article in the Wall Street Journal online edition just introduced me to Receivables Exchange, LLC. This company is described as the eBay of receivables financing and it may be a serious and threatening entry into the world of factoring. The article describes the […]

Tracey Rewey Presents The Top 10 Benefits of Factoring Invoices.

I like to present information about receivables factoring that is not simply another explanation of what asset based factoring is. I prefer to find out what is going on in an industry that is global in scope and integral to the profitable operation pf businesses large and small. Trust me, it ain’t easy! I skim […]